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tv   ABC 7 News at Noon  ABC  May 2, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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chanting] >> taking down a terrorist. celebrations 10 long years in the making. the country erupted less active president obama's announcement that osama bin laden is dead, shot in the head by u.s. navy seals. mob surged into the streets all around the country and also in front of the white house. we're covering every angle of the story. first, we get more on the detailed plans to take down bin laden. >> this is what is left of osama bin laden's hideout, a burned out shell of a nearly $1 million compound. in a shroud of darkness, u.s. navy seals enter the compound finding the man behind the 9/11 attacks, and given the option to surrender, bin laden refused. after a 40-minute shootout, bin laden was dead, shot in the head. one of his sons, two koreas, and
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women used as a shield also died. bin laden's that is nearly a decade-long and had fallen 9/11 when 3000 people died on american soil. >> we're once again reminded that america can do whatever we set our minds to. >> for nearly a year, u.s. forces could surveillance of this compound in pakistan. ironically it is in a neighborhood filled with retired pakistani military personnel just a mile and a half from the military academy. members of the cia found the camp after receiving tips from detainees and falling one of bin laden's pour years to the location. >> we must take out osama bin laden. >> though bin laden was never seen early friday morning president obama gave the go- ahead for the special operations rate. i mean every navy seals who entered escaped unharmed. a mechanical issue brought down a u.s. helicopter inside the compound forcing troops to bomb and burn its remnants.
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>> we beat them at their own game. >> at 7:00 p.m. last night president obama received official word that bin laden was dead. the fbi was able to make that using dna from one of osama bin laden's sisters. u.s. forces took custody of bin laden's body. he was buried at sea and in accordance with islamic law. abc 7 news. >> ok, thank you so much. meanwhile, flash pops celebrated in the streets last night at the white house as were the bin laden's death spread on line. we continue our coverage live at the white house. are there more crowds today as well? >> there are indeed. a smaller crowd of rissole last night. but certainly the motion is still there for many. people are continuing to come up to the gates. we saw additional people walking up to the white house a few minutes ago. as news spread to what happened to osama bin laden the crowd continued to build up here on the street.
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[chanting usa] >> in a spontaneous celebration crowds chants and cheers filled the streets outside the white house early this morning as news of osama bin laden's death spread. the thousands some young some old, some draped and american flags, stood united. >> we just came to celebrate sort of a final chapter in a very long book. >> as daylight emerge the crowds got smaller but the missions did not. >> it is just about time. they have to have paid back. >> victoria was also on the ground overnight and returned this morning once again wearing red, white and blue. >> it the universe as some sort of poetic justice that a president named obama captured someone named osama. >> people were at ground zero. that is where this woman lost her husband at the world trade
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center. today, some relief. >> i feel like i can really start a new chapter in my life and move forward. it has been at nine years, seven months and 20 days. >> at college campuses across the country -- coeds appeared to be on cloud nine. across the country many are calling this a historic day they will never forget. >> i love my country. >> that was brie and carter reporting. we now want to go to abc news. they're following a special report. the president is about to speak. >> it has been just about 12 hours now since the first enough that the world's most wanted terrorist was killed by u.s. forces taken out in a dramatic firefight at the compound in northwest pakistan. abc news has obtained exclusive video from inside that compound where the 9/11 mastermind was living it up just about 100 yards away from the pakistani army military academy in a mansion with no phones and internet, surrounded by high walls and barbed wire.
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word that bin laden had been killed touched off an emotional outpouring in new york, with crowds gathering a ground zero. and overnight in washington d.c. outside the white house as well. it also touched off a wave of worry about possible al qaeda retaliation in cities around the country, and they're on extra alert today. the president is in the east room of the white house now for a previously scheduled medal of honor ceremony. we're monitoring that room and will bring you his comments on bin laden. they are expected to top his briefing there in a moment. we know that the obama administration as reported last night, used dna testing along with other means to confirm that it was in fact osama bin laden. they do understand that the administration is now weighing on whether or not to release an image of bin laden dead. as you know, sit on his income as dr. -- after his death, he saw an image. zarqawi as well. that debate is going on. we will be checking in in a moment with our chief white
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house correspondent who has new information on that. but first, we turn to president obama, who is expected at the beginning of this medal of honor ceremony to once again address the death of osama bin laden. here is president obama. he is entering the room now for the ceremony. let's listen in. ♪ >> please join me in prayer. all mining and loving god we ask your blessings upon this ceremony as we gather to commemorate the noble lives and sacrifices of two of our nation's precious sons. the private first class and henry. though stirred by news of the
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past 24 hours we pause in these moments to remember the heroic combat actions taken by these two soldiers on the korean peninsula some 60 years ago both of the responded fearlessly against an enemy onslaught and saved the lives of their fellow soldiers. they led from the front and loved beyond measure portraying the ultimate act of selfless service. remind us again today that our nation has risen to ward true greatness on the shoulders of americans like anthony and henry. made this ceremony served to reinforce our awareness as a nation that our country's way of life and our freedom is a priceless inheritance, went through the commitment and sacrifice of those who have selflessly pay for our freedom with their blood. may your blessings be upon the families of henry and anthony who have given their loved ones to this nation and who have kept their memories of life for this very moment. by your grace, may we never
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forget their sacrifice. in your holy name, amen. >> good morning, everybody. please be seated. on behalf of michele and myself, welcome to the white house. to our many guests from hawaii, aloha. and thank you, a chaplain, for that wonderful invocation. i think we can all agree this is a good day for america. our country has kept its commitment to see that justice is done the world is safer. it is a better place because of the death of osama bin laden. today, we are reminded that, as a nation there's nothing we cannot do. when we put our shoulders to the
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wheel, when we work together, when we remember the sense of unity that defines us as americans. and we have seen that spirit and the patriotism of in the crowds that have gathered here outside the white house at ground zero in new york, and across the country. people holding candles waving the flag, singing the national anthem. people proud to live in the united states of america, and we are reminded that we are fortunate to have americans who dedicate their lives to protecting ours. they volunteer they train, the indoor separation from their families. they take extraordinary risks so that we can be safe. they get the job done. we may not always know their names. we may not always know their stories. but they are there every day on
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the front lines of freedom, and we are truly blessed. i do want to acknowledge, before we begin the ceremony, two individuals who have been critical as part of my team who are here today. first of all i think somebody who will go down as one of the finest secretaries of defense in our history secretary bob gates is here. [applause] and sitting beside him, someone who served with incredible valor on behalf of this country and is not somebody who i think will go down as one of the greatest secretaries of veterans affairs in our history, eric shinseki. [applause]
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now i have to say that, as commander-in-chief, i could not be prouder of our men and women in uniform. that is true now. it has been true in all of our wars. and it is why we are here today. long ago a poet of the first world war rout of the sacrifice -- >> the president they're saying i cannot be prouder of the men and women in uniform saying this is a good day for americans, that the world is a safer place because of the death of osama bin laden reminding this country that there is nothing we cannot do, again invoking the spirit of unity that we heard him first sit -- speak about in the overnight hours in our special report. i want to bring in our chief white house correspondent. you have learned more about
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bling osama bin laden's body to rest at sea and how that was transported -- about laying osama bin laden's body to rest at sea. tell us about that. >> in the last few moments administration officials have told me that the dna evidence has come back, and there's a 99.9% certainty that the body is osama bin laden's essentially proving that this was osama bin laden. osama bin laden's corpse was taken by the troops to the aircraft carrier and he was buried at sea according to muslim tradition. there was a muslim seamen who was there, and they wrapped him and said the prayers according to what is part of the islamic tradition. the idea being not to inflame the muslim world in any way. right now, what house officials are fiercely debating whether or not they should release a photograph of bin laden's course. those arguing in favor say it
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needs to be done to rest aside any concerns, any skepticism that this did not happen. but i am also told by somebody who has seen the photograph, it is a gruesome photographs with bin laden taking a bullet wound above his left eye. it is a photograph that has brains and a blood in it. those are the issues being debated right now. >> a lot of questions. people down the ground zero asking me today if we would see an image. i also want to show you these images from the defense department and the satellite imagery actually shows the compound where osama bin laden was captured and killed. as we push in on it there you concede is much larger than any of the homes surrounding it. the second image shows just how high the walls were, the boards of 12 feet to 18 feet around the compound. woodmore have you learned about the operation? >> welcome this compound itself is one of the reasons why intelligence officers were so sure that something was going on here. they had traced a courier that
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had links to bin laden to this area in 2009. then in august and september 2010, they found this compound. it was all the information all the details you just described. it was tough to get in. a few windows high walls, extra security no tv, no phones no internet. in the very suspicious. the more they look at the compound the more they saw it as a high-value target. there were not sure bin laden was in the compound until the navy seals stormed it on sunday and delivered the message. yes, it is, osama bin laden. >> incredible work in this elite american forces. we appreciate your continued reporting on this. we're going to return now to regular programming. we hope you stay with for the latest all day long. we will have a special one-hour edition of " the world news close call with diane sawyer reported from ground zero. >> this has been a special
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report. >> welcome back to abc 7 news at noon. we continue our coverage now. with bin laden's death, many are asking what is next in the war on terror, and perhaps politically as well. joining me is joe williams. he covers the white house for politico. good afternoon. you saw the president. briefly, what is your reaction to his remarks today? >> it is not that much different from what he said last night. he is again calling it a moment of national unity. it is a large accomplishment for the u.s. and the war on terror. you'd be hard-pressed to argue it was not. he was also talking about how the trips made the sacrifice how it is very important to remember why they were there, how they're there and that the name was sort of almost faceless and you can save face was in this case because it was special operations how they manage to get the job done, thinking more of the country than of themselves. he is trying to play on a sense of national unity. >> you were saying the next 48 hours are going to be very
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intense and interesting as far as the analysis of all of this. describe that for me. >> the analysis about how the job was done, we have already seen some tough reporting about when the first decision came down to defy this place as a target and then move to planning the operation. the president was intimately involved according to most reports, on all of this. and going forward about what this means for the war on terror. remember bin laden has been the face of al qaeda for many, many years. was the head of the operations of to 11. that face is gone. what does that mean for terror operations going forward? a cell k-fed disheartened already? people are on alert for retaliatory attacks. bin laden was the franchise player if you will, but there are a lot of ancillary players that still operate independently of him. but the biggest reaction the biggest source of the development to date on that
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aspect of the story, has been that he has been the main recruiting tool. he is now no longer there. he was the icon, the face, and that will severely hamper recruitment for al-qaeda. >> absolutely. so nice to have you with us. thank you for your analysis. we will see you soon. >> well, nearly 10 years for the news of bin laden's death. these two are among those now reacting to this milestone. both of them lost children on at 9/11. >> the lives of so many people were snuffed out on that day, and it is such a glorious thing that a measure of justice has been reached today. >> her son died on the united flight 93 in pennsylvania. his son worked on the 103rd floor of the north tower. the stock markets reacted today as well. a one point, the dow jones jumped more than 50 points. right now, it is up just 16. the nasdaq down slightly.
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oil prices fell sharply from two-year rise to about $112 a barrel overnight. but prices began creeping higher again late this morning. not everyone is happy at the news of the death of the united states public enemy number one. coming up, how fears of retaliation that we just discussed from extremist groups of local law enforcement and air travelers all on alert. we will get to the shortly. first, breaking news out of virginia today where a home explodes into a pile of rubble with a person inside. this happened just hours ago this explosion. it was in the 19,000 block of wayne drive. we're live in now with what we're learning. good afternoon. >> we are parallel to the quantico marine corps base. the sound of an explosion is an unusual -- is not something particularly unusual in this neighborhood. but down this road around 8:30 a.m. this morning, an entire
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house just shattered into the air. fire officials say it is a natural gas leak caused this explosion. there's still on the scene and have kept us back for our own safety as they investigate this situation. the view from news choppers seven shows just what this house looks like, as if it was touched by a tornado. inside was the owner of the house who is working on renovations. so new renters can move in today. we talked to gloria today. she said she moved all her things in with her family over the weekend and had planned to come over here this morning. and she heard about the explosion. >> if i was downstairs, it might have not been that bad. but it was upstairs. >> we understand the homeowner a man who is not been identified as yet was transported with serious injuries. he was talking at the time. we understand that fire
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officials are looking at a natural gas leak that may have started in the upstairs of the home. abc 7 news. >> thank you very much for that. we switch over to the weather because more rain started out today. will we see a warm up? adam caskey has a look at our first forecast. at the monday to you. >> definitely warming up today. tomorrow will be a little warmer than today. then a cold front hits us and that can mix things up. first, we had some light rain to start the day. a few sprinkles. than a mixture of sun and clouds. now, mostly sunny. it is turning out to be a pleasant afternoon. 58 in the district. 70 at winchester. hagerstown, 63. fredericksburg already 76. culpeper area, probably will hit 80 degrees. locally, closer to the mid-70s. we cannot rule out an isolated storm west of the blue ridge.
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for those of the west of i-81, you have a slight chance of a late day storm. a better chance for a storm is a cold front moves in. we worked -- we will talk about the severe weather risk and storms coming up. >> thank you. speaking of severe weather the death toll from last week's tornado outbreaks in the south now stands at 340 two. today, the search for dozens of missing residents continues in alabama and mississippi. sunday the homeland security secretary toward hard hit neighborhoods to offer condolences. >> i have had an opportunity now to walk a few of these streets. i do not think words can clearly express the level of devastation here. >> nearly half a million people in alabama still do not have electricity today. we're learning new information about the woman accused of killing her co-worker at a lulelemon store in bethesda. it is reported that an ex- boyfriend filed a restraining
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order against brittany norwood in 2007. she allegedly violated that order by continuing to contact that exploit them. documents show he told court officials that brittany norwood needed a psychiatric valuation and that he feared for his safety. brittany norwood is charged with killing a woman this past march. coming up, extremist painter. al qaeda and other groups of vowing revenge for the death of bin laden. >> the state department issues the travel alert for passengers after word of osama bin laden's death. we talked to people falling out of dulles airport. hear what they have to say, coming up. >> plus, a step closer to say that the 1 million pilgrims celebrate the life of pope john paul ii. will the first week in may feel like spring? adam caskey is back with a forecast after this.
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>> news of osama bin laden's that this sparking angry action on parts of the muslim world on
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an extremist web sites. one had a long eulogy for bin laden, vowing revenge. in gaza, hamas condemned the u.s. operation calling it the assassination of an arab holy leader. the western-backed palestinian authority welcomes the news of bin laden's death. fears of retaliation are running high. in the washington, d.c., region, local police in the federal government are stepping up efforts to keep american safe. julie has more from dulles international airport. >> the state department is warning americans both abroad and at home of possible retaliation attacks. travelers said bill is international airport got the message loud and clear. >> we're in a state of political unrest rainout. >> while it is very positive and certainly when for the united states to have osama bin laden taken down, you have to believe there will be a backlash. >> state department security officials say anti- american violence is the concern and should not be taken lightly. >> do not think it is over just because they managed to finally
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catch him 10 years later. there are a lot of terror cells out there. >> officials are asking americans living traveling abroad at prices within mr. ventura-american violence to limit travel outside their homes and stay away from large gatherings. >> places like the middle east or even europe i would be more concerned, definitely. >> beckham, the metro transit system this stepping up security and several unidentified stations. metro says riders will likely see more uniformed officers and a k-9 units. meanwhile back at dulles airport, most people hear the message to remain vigilant in not letting fears overshadow their faith in security. >> i am a little concerned but it will not stop me from falling today. >> i do not fear retaliation. we have to stop fearing retaliation every time we do what is right. >> the washington, d.c., police chief says her department will also have an increased presence across the nation's capital. cheeses are will also be an increased presence that you will not be able to see. >> the fbi wasted no time
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updating its list of the world's most wanted terrorists. already the most wanted list shows that bin laden's picture with the word deceased in a red and white banner. the listing offered a $27 million reward for bin laden's capture or death. meanwhile cheers erupted when word spread on the campus of the u.s. naval academy in annapolis last night. >> we made a statement to the world. you can knock us down, but we're going to get up. and when we do, we will fight you and kick york -- [bleep] >> this video is posted on youtube and was shot at an impromptu rally on the porch of a naval academy captain. a little dark, but i think you know what is going on there. a lot of celebrating. let's talk about the weather
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situation. this morning you are using the word unsettled to describe the first week of may. >> yes we woke up to a few light showers. it is kind of damage and injury. now it is sunny and a beautiful afternoon. it will be flip-floping throughout the week. one of those weeks where everything can happen within one day. this is a good example of what we went through today. this is from the naval academy looking east over the river. notice the dark clouds. even a few areas of light rain badges. now nearly total sunshine and a beautiful day. not just over the bay but over the metro area as well. this is a time lapse from our camera. it is currently 71 degrees. in light southwesterly wind. not as the rain gauge at congressional did not even pick up on the shares because there were so light. just a trace. more rainfall expected in the form of thunderstorms. maybe later today probably ridge. not a big chance, but especially for tomorrow evening tomorrow night. on into we


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